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Club League 1 and 2 Schedules

For the 2020 season an additional competition has been introduced. There will be  a Club League and all entrants will play against each other during the course of the season. At the end the player with the most wins will be crowned Club League Champion. In the event of a draw the player with the greatest shot difference will be the winner. In the event there is still a draw the player with the highest shots will be declared the winner.

Matches will be singles, four woods and first to 21 shots. Covid-19 safety rules will still apply e.g. no marker etc. Details on board by disabled toilets and in the Competition Rules. 

A schedule for the 13 rounds (7 rounds for league 2) has been produced. 

The player with his/her name in capitals is responsible for contacting their opponent and agreeing a suitable date. Booking Rink Rules apply to these matches. (see Competition Rules).  If the challenger is unable to agree a suitable date (e.g. opponent on holiday etc) then the challenger can contact their opponent for the following period. But matches in all 13 rounds (7 rounds in league 2) must be completed before the 15th September.

When a match is over the Challenger must put the agree scorecard into the competition box in the club-house (small box on rear wall by the kitchen) and contact Terry Joint with the result.

In the event that a match or matches are not played before the 15th September, the player able to play will receive 1 win point and 10 shots. 

Terry Joint will manage the matches process and keep all scoring details. Regular score updates will appear on the Club Web-Site.